Tuesday, December 4, 2012

starry night (inthecrystalpalace's Etsy treasuries)

Look up! inthecrystalpalace is featured in some heavenly Etsy treasuries:

(featuring Eclipse Box, an astronomy-inspired assemblage by Robin Miller)

Earth&Sky star-gazing - Maki Yanagimachi

(featuring Robin's romantic collage magnet, The Love Letter)

(featuring The Wild Wizard-Work, unique kitchen art by Robin Miller)

(featuring The Love Letter, Robin's original fridge magnet)

one curated by chrisvanveghel
(featuring Robin's original mysterious collage magnet, The Moonbeam)

Thank you, DAFyduk, PhotographyDream, HighStreetVintage, ancagray, and chrisvanveghel, for including us in your beautiful collections!

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