Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Old Blue Eyes (inthecrystalpalace Etsy treasuries)

inthecrystalpalace has recently been featured in a bevy of beautiful treasuries on Etsy - here's a look:

(featuring inthecrystalpalace's hush now)

(featuring inthecrystalpalace's Ho Ho Ho Ho)

(featuring inthecrystalpalace's Shades of Grey)

wishes curated by schalle
(featuring inthecrystalpalace's Ezekial's Vision (The Industrial Revolution))

(featuring inthecrystalpalace's Syndic of the Cloth Guild)

(featuring inthecrystalpalace's Adoration of the Aerialist)

Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra sing a medley of Christmas songs

(featuring inthecrystalpalace's Oh Love, It's Ducky)

(featuring inthecrystalpalace's The Love Letter)

(featuring inthecrystalpalace's The Love Letter)

(featuring inthecrystalpalace's Birdsong)

(featuring inthecrystalpalace's Vamp! (Pola Negri))

Many thanks to the creative curators for including our shop in their gorgeous collections!

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