Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013: inthecrystalpalace's Etsy treasuries

inthecrystalpalace is a proud member of Team Killer Cool on Etsy! In January, killercool and Team Inspired participated in a 3 day treasury blitz. Here's a look at the treasuries we curated for the blitz:

January 28, 2013:

January 29, 2013:

there's no place like home curated by Robin Miller

Garden of Earth-y Delights curated by Kym Hepworth

January 30, 2013:

a bell is a cup until it is struck curated by Robin Miller

nite flights curated by Kym Hepworth
(this treasury also features members of the Dark Beauty team)


And one more! This treasury wasn't made for the January blitz, but it features killercool team members:

Like Birds of a Feather curated by Robin Miller

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