Sunday, November 4, 2012

sometimes I remember (to post inthecrystalpalace's Etsy treasuries)

Where was I before I was so rudely interupted? Oh, yes. I remember. Here's a look at the gorgeous Etsy treasuries that inthecrystalpalace has recently been featured in:

Mellow curated by CUTandTEAR
(featuring Oh, Love, It's Ducky, romantic art and/or jewelry by Robin Miller)

(featuring The Widow, a Victorian mourning art-inspired assemblage by Kym Hepworth)

(featuring Robin's whimsical collage magnet, Balloons )

(featuring Robin's original collage pendant, Oh Love, It's Ducky)

(featuring Lines of Nature, unique kitchen art by Robin Miller)

December curated by oddprincess
(featuring Kym's Gothic Victorian assemblage, hush now)

(featuring Kym's dark romantic assemblage, The Widow)

The Pernice Brothers - Sometimes I Remember

(featuring Wild Rose (Evelyn Nesbit), a beaded pillow by Kym Hepworth)


(featuring Kym's dark art assemblage, hush now)

Many thanks to the talented curators for including us!

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