Tuesday, October 9, 2012

inthecrystalpalace's Tuesday treasuries & fine art treasury team on Etsy

Happy Tuesday!!! inthecrystalpalace has been featured in a few lovely treasuries on Etsy - here's a peek: 

(featuring Joker - an original collage magnet by Robin Miller for inthecrystalpalace)

artisan society of oak and ivy (a fine art treasury) curated by 88editions
(featuring Robin's collage magnet Broken English)

FYI: fine art treasury is a new team on Etsy. The team's goal is to "create treasuries that are likely to be featured on Etsy's front page while giving our category, within the Etsy marketplace, the exposure it so lovingly deserves". inthecrystalpalace wishes the fine art treasury team much success!!!


(featuring Reliquary, Kym Hepworth's Victorian mourning-inspired assemblage)

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