Friday, June 1, 2012

inthecrystalpalace's killercool team treasuries on Etsy (May 2012)

inthecrystalpalace is a proud member of team killercool on Etsy. Here's a look at the team treasuries we recently curated during the month of May on Etsy:

Robin Miller started us off with a round-and-round-she-goes themed treasury - I'm A Wheel 

Wilco - I'm A Wheel

Robin spun a fresh twist on the circular theme with his second space age treasury - Starburst


Kym Hepworth highlighted the darker side of team killercool with a Victorian Gothic noir themed treasury - Attachments

Kym's second treasury was inspired by re-watching Sophia Coppala's 2006 spun sugar film, Marie Antoinette - rococo-a-go-go

Arcade Fire - Rococo

Please click on the links above to see our treasuries on Etsy and while you're there - visit the shops of the talented killercool team members!

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